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GooMUI: Google Music UI

A simple desktop player for Google Music on windows

This is a simple web-based WPF application that allows you to listen to Google Music on your windows pc without having to open your browser. It's built using WPF and the Awesomium.NET web framework.

I know there are another couple of projects that do this, but I found various small but annoying bugs in them, so I built my own. Features include:
  • Faster than the others I tried (based on the very efficient Awesomium framework)
  • Option to remember window size (a feature that was missing from the other two players that I tried and that I find vital)
  • Option to choose where to start (ie: on the "Artists" or "Instant Mixes" page rather than the default "Listen now" tab)
  • Option to choose zoom level of the player

PS: You can access the program settings from the player window top-left menu (click on the headphones icon on the top of the application)

Any suggestion about new features/requests and bug reports are welcome, use the "Discussion" section to post them ;)

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